AgriFORCE Announces Upcoming Launch of un(Think) Awakened Flour, the First of Many Superior Products Under New Food Brand

The “better for you” flour uses a patent-pending process to produce a tastier, more nutritious, easier-to-digest product

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: AGRI; AGRIW), an intellectual property (IP)-focused AgTech company dedicated to advancing sustainable cultivation and crop processing across multiple platforms, today announced the launch of un(Think) Awakened Flour. The production, which uses a 100% natural patent-pending process, creates a flour that is more nutritious, easier to digest, and better tasting than traditional alternatives. Availability is slated for late 2022 for consumers, bakeries, and other B2B customers in the U.S. and Canada. This unique product is newly developed and in addition to the previously announced un(Think) Power Flour opportunity. Awakened Flour is AgriFORCE’s first step in bringing to market a series of superior products under the un(Think) Food brand, with pancake mixes, breads, pastas, and more currently under consideration and development.

An integrated AgTech company, AgriFORCE commercializes IP-driven breakthroughs to provide consumers and food companies with new products and ingredients that redefine nutrition and taste. un(Think) Foods, a subsidiary of AgriFORCE, leverages natural science to help regular grains, pulses and root vegetables become flour-based products that offer superior nutrition, without compromising taste, texture, and quality.

A new way to process and ‘awaken the goodness’ of grains

AgriFORCE’s un(Think) Awakened Flour is produced in the first phase of AgriFORCE’s patent-pending process. The process allows for a precise way to germinate wheat by utilizing carefully monitored humidity and temperature to activate the product’s enzymes at the ideal time to maximize the nutritional elements of sprouted grains. Once milled, Awakened Grains are turned into Awakened Flour. Because the wheat isn’t sprouted completely in AgriFORCE’s proprietary process, it can be used not only in breads like sprouted wheat, but also in other products like pastas and pastries.

"At AgriFORCE, we asked ourselves, 'What if wheat could give you all the nutrition without the elements that are not as good for you?' We realized the key to making that happen lies in the way we process grains, so we decided to un(Think) the usual methods -- something no one else has done before,” said Mauro Pennella, AgriFORCE’s President of Brands. “un(Think) Foods is bringing a much-desired product to a market eager for healthier, natural alternatives to traditional flours. Our first launch is a stepping stone to continued growth of the brand.”

As part of the process to bring un(Think) Awakened Flour to consumers, AgriFORCE is currently setting up initial operations in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The company has secured strategic partnerships with local non-GMO suppliers and specialty milling partners. Awakened Flour will be a leading innovation targeting the attractive premium sprouted grains category, fully aligned with taste, quality and nutritional expectations for millennials and health-conscious baby boomers.

Hernando Ruiz-Jimenez, un(Think) Food Co.’s General Manager said, “Scientific evidence shows that sprouted grains are more nutritious and easily digested than traditional grains, and we’ve had the opportunity to layer this with our proprietary process to create a gold standard for the sprouted grains market. un(Think)’s Awakened Flour delivers what a sprouted grain can and should provide to consumers, bakeries, and other food businesses. Our highly precise sprouting process increases the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals, allowing them to be absorbed by the body, while changing the total amount of fiber in whole grains, and helping to improve digestion and gut health. The launch of Awakened Flour, and what comes next, marks an exciting time for AgriFORCE, the market, customers, and consumers.”

un(Think) Foods intends to follow the Awakened Flour introduction with a next-generation flour product called Power Flour, expected in 2023. Power Flour extends the processes that produce Awaken Flour, thereby further reducing carbohydrates while maintaining all the fiber and protein density already present in the wheat berry.

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