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The Company is an agriculture-focused technology company that delivers innovative and reliable, financially robust solutions for high value crops through our proprietary facility design and automation IP to businesses and enterprises globally. The Company intends to operate in the plant based pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and high value crop markets using its unique proprietary facility design and hydroponics based automated growing system that enable cultivators to effectively grow crops in a controlled environment. The Company calls its facility design and automated growing system the “AgriFORCE grow house”. The Company has designed its AgriFORCE grow house to produce in virtually any environmental condition and to optimize crop yields to as near their full genetic potential as possible while substantially eliminating the need for the use of pesticides, fungicides and/or irradiation. The Company is positioning itself to deliver solutions to a growing industry where end users are demanding environmentally friendly and sustainable, controlled growing environments and processes. The initial market focus is the cultivation of food and other high value crops in California, and proof of concept will be to apply the IP to biomass production of plant based vaccine materials. The Company believes that its IP will provide a lower cost cultivation solution for the indoor production of crops due to a combination of higher crop quality and yields, and reduced operating costs. The Company has designed its AgriFORCE grow house as a modular growing facility that it plans to build and license to licensed operators for the cultivation of food and high value crops. The AgriFORCE grow house incorporates a design and technology that is the subject of a provisional patent that the Company has submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office on March 7, 2019. On March 6, 2020, a New International Patent Application No. PCT/CA2020/050302 Priority Claim United States 62/815, 131 was filed. The Company’s IP can be adapted to a multitude of crops and required growing conditions where exacting environmental control and pharma grade equivalent cleanliness and processes are required to meet the highest cultivation standards. By delivering the first facility, the Company will be in a position to demonstrate the performance and to target Good Manufacturing Practices standards compliance necessary to engage the pharma industry as it moves into modifying its IP to meet the particular plant biomass requirements for vaccines and other pharma biomass. 

As the Company commences construction of its micropropagation facility and grow house, it will start to develop its solution for fruits and vegetables focusing on the integration of its current structure with a new form of vertical grow technology. Although many of the components and elements will be the same or similar in nature, the automation and integration for going vertical and accommodating lighting, circulation, climate control and humidity control will be somewhat different. Therefore, the Company intends to develop a small working commercial facility as it moves to finalize design and engineering. The Company believes it can deliver new IP for vertical farming with a view to constructing its first commercial facility to serve the Southern California market for fresh local leafy greens (first crop) before rolling out its solution to address other crops and other local markets in the United States and internationally.

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